Munch Mitt baby teething mitten (product review)

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My little love just survived his first wave of teething. Two teeth and a few sleepless nights later, he is proud to show off the fruits of his labour every time he gives a big grin.

Aside from the constant drooling (I know he is a baby, but one of my friends actually described him as a running faucet lol…. it was pretty intense) he would chew away at his fingers. In the throngs of drool-soaked desperation, my husband and I were looking for anything that would provide our sweet boy some relief: ice, cold wash cloths, teething toys…..ANYTHING! Then I found the Munch Mitt baby teething mitten. I was a bit skeptical, since it was a newer product, but figured it was worth a shot if it would save my little one’s chewed up fingers.

The Munch Mitt is literally a little mitten that goes over a baby’s hand, almost like a boxing glove, with a large BPA and phthalate-free, food grade silicone piece for chewing (phewf! you can rest assured that this product meets all safety standards). The fabric is soft and breathable, and makes crinkling noises to keep baby’s interest. You can even take your pick of colour: green or pink.


The moment I put this mitten on my little love, I knew I had a winner. My son started happily chomping away at his hand, and would smile at the crinkling noise. What was great about this is that I didn’t have to worry about him constantly dropping it because it was velcroed to his hand…..genius!!!!!

The mitten is designed for babies 3-12 months, or whenever they can figure out how to remove the mitten themselves. To be honest though, my son chews away at the Munch Mitt even when it is not on his hand, so it would still make a good toy when removed.

Once in awhile, the mitten gets dirty from all of its use. I just pop it right in the washing machine using the washing bag, which comes included

Overall, I think this is an amazing product and highly recommend it all the time. In fact, it is my go-to gift for all new parents.

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Note that I am in no way affiliated with Munch Mitt. I just really love the product, and didn’t think it was fair to keep it to myself!


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