Getting into the swing of things

I used to love writing in high school and university, but stopped doing it creatively when I started my career. I am not sure if I felt that I didn’t have the time or I just didn’t feel creative enough anymore, but I stopped.

Since having my first baby, I have had the opportunity to rekindle my love for writing. With all the new emotions, thoughts and questions motherhood brings, I have found writing to be so cathartic.

There is just something therapeutic about getting your thoughts down on paper (yes, I still write using pen and paper. How archaic right!? ;))

I hope Sweet Little Love (the name of my blog, but also what I sometimes call my sweet 7 month old son) will bring smiles & laughter. Perhaps even the occasional thought provoking question or enlightened conclusion. I am not looking to be controversial or insight huge debates (although, feel free if you so feel inclined). I do, however, promise to always be honest, and ask of you the same.

I don’t except you to agree or even like everything that I express, but I do kindly ask that you be respectful of my thoughts and those of the others expressed here. With that said, please do leave comments; it’s the only way that Sweet Little Love will continue to be engaging and dynamic.


Mama Ru

About Mama Ru

Loving life one day at a time. I am a first time mom, learning something new from my little love every day. I am also the wife to an awesome husband & daughter to the coolest mom!

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